On-line Training on Tobacco Cessation for Caribbean Countries - course with tutors - 2021 (closed course)

PAHO Virtual Course Developing Tobacco Control Legislation in the Caribbean - 2021 (closed course)

Understanding Stigma and Cognitive Behavioural Interpersonal Skills (CBIS) Stigma-Reduction Program for healthcare providers - 2021 (call for applications)

Assessment strategies training on competency-based education for health professionals focused on maternal and perinatal health - 2021

Sonographic Assessment of Renal Transplant and Renal Disease due to non-communicable diseases - 2021

Training for primary care providers: brief tobacco interventions - 2021 (WHO e-Learning course)

Oral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) of HIV infection - eLearning tool for clinicians - 2021

Psychological First Aid (PFA) in disaster management in the Caribbean. Second Edition - 2020

Introduction to social marketing for public health (2020)

Psychological First Aid (PFA) in disaster management in the Caribbean - 2019

Healthcare Technology Planning & Management (2019)

Food Handlers Virtual Training

Virtual Course on the Implementation of the HEARTS Technical Package in Primary Health Care

Oral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) of HIV infection - eLearning tool for clinicians

Virtual Course Mercury effects in human health and the environment and Considerations under the Minamata Convention 2019 Edition

Epidemiological Methods (EPI 3)

Measurement of Health Status (EPI 2)

Basic Epidemiological Concepts (EPI 1)

Preventing Self-harm/suicide: Empowering Primary Health Care providers

Virtual Course Gender and Health: Awareness, Analysis and Action

Reporting guidelines: simple and powerful tools to increase the impact and visibility of your research: a virtual course on enhancing the value of research with research reporting standards

Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control

Laboratory Training in the Epidemiology of Influenza

AUDIT-SBI: The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test

Intensified National SARI Surveillance Training

Influenza Sentinel Surveillance Training

Chikungunya Virtual Course

An Ethnic Approach to Health

Nursing Leadership: Empowering Nurses in Latin America and the Caribbean

Basic Epidemiological Concepts ( 2017 Version)

Properly Completing Death Certificates

Tobacco and Public Health: from Theory to Practice (2016 Version)

Public Health Leadership: Leading the health sector during COVID-19 and beyond - 2020

Virtual training for laboratory building capacity on Antimicrobial Resistance detection and surveillance - 2020